Safety Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains are availabe in CROSS BEAM MODEL which are believe to be more safe for human safety. Parallel Beams are also available. These can be provided from 90MM to 2000MM as per the requirment of the customer. ROBOTIC CELL PROCTECTOR can be provided. FINGURE SAFETY SENSORS are also available. Please send us your requirments.

Features :

  • Self Test: Built in self test to ensure that the electronic components and logic circuits are functioning properly
  • Dual Electronic Circuits: with two separate outputs and feedback from each output to add the reliability and to ensure failsafe operations.
  • Housing: extruded aluminium C Sections ensure that the product can with stand severe mechanical impacts.
  • Optics: well designed optics ensure easy alignment.
Screen Height (mm) No. of Channel Pitch Length
90 4 30 180
105 8 15 180
150 4 50 180
210 8 30 275
225 16 15 400
Safety Light Cortains comprises of the Transmitter (Tx) and the Receiver (Rx) units with optional bolt on mute modules. An interface cable connects the Transmitter to the Receiver unit and the User cable provides the interface to the machine control panel. The system provides a fully integrated solution including cross-beam and parallel beam muting options all housed in a robust IP66 enclosure for harsh wet environments.

We are supplying and exporting Safety Light Curtains, safety light curtains with built controller and safety light curtains with intelligent bypass. We provide these as per the customer’s specifications.